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The Great American Solar Eclipse
  The Great American Solar Eclipse is happening on Monday August 21, 2017. It is expected we will see about 92% eclipse through the metro area. This is a once in a life time experience, the last time this occured was 99 years aog. As you know, it is really important to have the proper eye protection in order to look directly at the eclipse. If you do not have the proper protection you can do major damage to your eyes. Below I have compiled a few reources you can use to find places to purchase the safelty glasses or maybe get them for free. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science will be hosting an Eclipse Day and they will be having some great events. They also have access to glasses for purchase in the gift shop of the Museum. You can click here to view more information. 9news has been offering free glasses and metro area Grease Monkey locations, they are also doing a give away Thursday and Friday you can get more details if you click here. Local Libraries will be offering free glasses first come first serve over the weekend. Check with your local Library branch for details.  You can also check the American Astronomical Society's website for reputable vendors selling the glasses, check it out here. Enjoy this great phenomenon and do it safely!!  
Makita's Three Reasons for Selling During the Holiday Season
  Many people steer clear of conducting real estate transactions over the holiday season. There is this perception that it will be harder to sell their home because of the focus of the holiday season, or that given the shorter days that there will be a decrease in interest in purchasing and moving. However, that is not true. Selling your home during the holiday season can really provide with all your looking to achieve. Here are my top 3 reasons why selling during the holiday season may be best for you.  1.Serious Buyers are out there. Those looking to take the step of buying during the holiday seasonal are highly motivated and usually have a time frame to complete the process. House hunting and even moving is quite a challenge in the holiday season, with the shorter days and less time to look, when buyers find a home that works for them they are ready to make that move. With that, their agent is going to make sure that they are serious and and have the proper financing in place to find the home that is right for them. Selling your home during this time allows you access to those buyers who are ready and willing to buy your home.  2. Quicker close times. Mortgage companies are not as inundated as they are during the peak season. During the spring and summer months the number of files that cross the loan processor's desk is increased, and the buyers are competing with other borrowers to get the file reviewed and approved. During this time of year the decrease in borrower allows for files to get processed quicker. Quicker production times which means you will be selling your house faster.  3. Lower Inventory. The number of homes listed for sale during the holiday season decreases significantly and that is a great benefit to those selling their homes. It is supply and demand at its finest, less inventory makes your home more attractive. Selling your home now will also reduce the amount of competition. Don’t let the holiday season be a reason you hesitate to sell your home. My team and I are here to help you meet your goals no matter what time of the year.   

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